Friday, November 16, 2012

The End Of An Era

Yesterday I followed my best friend into a movie theater to sit ALL DAY and watch Jacob and Edward battle it out for a mousy girl named Bella. We watched all first four movies, one after the other, until at last coming to the grand fanale: BREAKING DAWN Part 2. 


I am by no means a fan of Twilight. I like my vampires deadly and hot--not chivalrous and pointy. (Damon, anyone? Hellooooo, Elena? Wake up!!!). I'm Team Jacob and wish that Edward would have just stayed in Alaska after book But alas, my opinion is the lesser of the two and Edward won out. Poo. But watching each movie yesterday--all in a row--I began to enjoy Edward more (plus, Robert grew up a little and filled out better by the last movie). As a character he grew more commanding, and had less fear of "hurting Bella" every five minutes after she became a red-eyed demon. I also liked Bella better as a vampire--she was right, she must have been born to be one. As a human she was flipping annoying. 

Another high point was that I'd never finished the books. I got so annoyed at them that by the first third of Breaking Dawn I was totes done-ola watching Jacob be tormented (poor sweet doggie). So I went into Part 2 of Breaking Dawn the movie, as a virgin of "the point of it all." Which made the whole thing LOADS more entertaining. Especially listening to the audience as the "alternative ending" unfolded. LOL...the loud gasps and NOOOOOs were priceless (go see it if you wanna know what I mean; no spoilers here). 

So, all-in-all I was quite pleased. I watched all the drama and drank Margaritas ALL DAY LONG. A story-lovers dream day. :) And I promise: to lovers of the Saga, or those like me that were, like, will thoroughly enjoy the final installment of The Twilight Saga.

Happy movie watching,

~Ava <3


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Late Love

Yesterday being a holiday, I'm a bit behind (no Manly Monday this week *pouts*) but since there's a tour going on for one of my favorite people there's still a yummy post to be had!

ROCK THE HEART is a new release by Michelle Valentine. All must bask in this book's angst and tension and romance!

And Tattoos!!

Add it to your Goodreads list and get ready! On November 20th the rocking awesomeness that is this book shall be released upon the masses!!

In the mean time, while you wait, you can pick up the rock love that is DEVOURED on Amazon for just $0.99!

I shall leave you with this thought...

Happy reading!

<3 Ava~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Achievement Report

KILL HEART: 26,000wrds (goal: 70k)

As I begin this blog I'm at a fairly good wordage (of which each update I shall peg WAR). I have dastardly plans of acquiring more very soon. Perhaps even completing said manuscript in the near future... wouldn't that be lovely. ;)

<3 Ava~

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The New Beginning

This is the place where I'll keep y'all up to date on the progress of the OtherBorn series and any fun new stories I'm weaving. I'll talk about books I've read, art that I love, and probably drool over Damon...or Sammie...or Eric.

There will be puddles, I'm sure.

Happy Blog Opening!